Tesla Cybertruck design locked in, production slated for mid-2023

After years of delays, some hope for Cybertruck pre-order holders. The 2024 Tesla Cybertruck could be in US driveways by late next year – two years after it was first promised. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed the final design of the Cybertruck has been “finally locked,” saying the company “got too carried away” with design updates. In an interview with Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, Musk said production for the electric pick-up was set to begin in mid-2023, suggesting owners could begin taking deliveries in a little over a year. In August 2021, it was estimated the company had already taken 1.25 million orders for the Cybertruck, with a $150 holding deposit accompanying each order – essentially providing an interest-free loan of $187.5 million. Despite many Australians also placing deposits on the electric vehicle, in December 2021 sources told Drive the vehicle likely wouldn’t be coming here. The company’s local website had previously stated “[Australian buyers] will be able to complete their configuration as production nears in 2022,” but both the statement and the ability to place a deposit have since been removed. Now, interested parties can submit their details to receive Tesla news and product updates. A number of key design elements on the near-production version of the Cybertruck – unveiled during an event in April 2022 – suggest the vehicle may not comply with Australian Design Rules, which would make it ineligible for local sale. The Cybertruck has been plagued by ongoing delays since the concept was first revealed in 2019, with deliveries originally expected to begin in late 2021. Production was then pushed to 2022. However, with the final design now being locked in, 2023 looks to be the year the Cybertruck enters production in the US. The post Tesla Cybertruck design locked in, production slated for mid-2023 appeared first on Drive.