Tesla Model 3 driving range reduced for Australia – UPDATE: Explained

The Tesla Model 3 Performance and Long Range have had their driving ranges cut by between 2.0 and 3.5 per cent in Australia, due to a new system computer. UPDATE, 30 June 2022: Tesla has explained why the driving range of the 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range (and Performance) were cut earlier this year. In a message to customers in the queue (posted to Twitter by VedaPrime), Tesla said the addition of a new, more powerful processor required more energy that otherwise was used for propelling the car. “We have updated Model 3 vehicles to optimise the touch screen experience with our new car computer. This hardware change requires more power, resulting in a minor drop in range. Your Model 3 range [for a Long Range variant] is now 602 kilometres WLTP,” the message reads. As reported in February, the Model 3 Long Range was cut from 614km to 602km WLTP, while the Model 3 Performance dipped from 567km to 547km. Our original story continues unchanged below. 17 February 2022: The Tesla Model 3 sedan – currently the electric vehicle specialist’s sole offering in Australia – has had its driving range downrated for two of the three locally-available variants. While the entry-level single-motor Model 3 retains its 491km WLTP claim, the mid-spec Long Range and flagship Performance models have been reduced from 614km to 602km, and 567km to 547km respectively. This equates to a decrease of approximately 2.0 per cent in the former, and 3.5 per cent in the latter. No changes have been made to pricing. It’s unclear if the changes are due to a hardware change, software update, or revisions to the testing cycle. However – considering the two affected variants share a circa-80kWh battery pack – some have speculated the total capacity has been reduced, indicating real-world driving range will be affected. A spokesperson for Tesla in Australia did not comment when approached for further information by Drive. While delivery times fell to just “one to three weeks” in October last year, new delays in 2022 have blown wait times out to between “five and seven months.” This means a Tesla Model 3 ordered today would likely arrive between July and September 2022, assuming no further setbacks. While all can be preordered online, there is currently no timeline for local deliveries of the Model S sedan, Model X SUV, Model Y SUV, Cybertruck pick-up, or Roadster sports car. The post Tesla Model 3 driving range reduced for Australia – UPDATE: Explained appeared first on Drive.