Carlos Sainz opens up on pride over upcoming F1 move amid Ferrari exit

Scuderia Ferrari Spanish driver Carlos Sainz has remained tight-lipped about a potential move to Williams, but expressed pride in having the freedom to choose his 2025 racing destination.

Carlos Sainz is set to leave Scuderia Ferrari at the end of the current Formula 1 championship, after four years alongside the Maranello team, paving the way for the arrival of seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton. He has been linked to a lucrative deal with Stake for next season, ahead of Audi’s entry in 2026, alongside Nico Hulkenberg, who has already been signed. However, Carlos Sainz has yet to commit to this arrangement, as he has been evaluating all possible options.

However, with opportunities at Mercedes and Red Bull out of reach — Andrea Kimi Antonelli likely replacing Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes and Sergio Perez confirmed to stay at Red Bull — Carlos Sainz’s options are not so many.

In addition to the Stake/Audi prospect or a potential return to Alpine, Williams team principal James Vowles has openly expressed interest in signing Carlos Sainz. Despite criticizing Spanish media for spreading false rumors about his signing with Williams, Carlos Sainz remained non-committal when pressed for details.

“I can’t elaborate on that, because I prefer not to comment because whatever I tell you, you could put it in a headline and make a story out of it. I can just tell you that all of the options I have, and on the table, are good options, and I am proud of the fact that I can choose my future in Formula 1.” – the Spanish driver explained in a recent interview.

Carlos Sainz therefore believes he is fortunate to be in the current situation, despite the fact that no top team has a seat available for the next season, which will be the last Formula 1 championship based on the current rules and regulation: “I don’t think many drivers in their career have an opportunity of choosing where they can go and spend the next two or three years,” he pointed out – “Everyone I’ve talked to, I felt like they really want me in their team and this makes me feel proud and positive about the future.” – the Spaniard added.

During the recent Canadian Grand Prix weekend, Williams team boss James Vowles made a bold public appeal to Carlos Sainz, highlighting the team’s transformation and asserting that their ability to attract a driver like Carlos Sainz was evidence of their progress.

When pressed for more details on the possible signing, the former Mercedes strategy guru also chose to keep his cards close to his chest.

“Well, first and foremost, I think Carlos is an exceptional driver. He’s a race-winning driver, and I think any team would be privileged to have him as a part of their organisation. But more than that, there’s nothing to say at the moment, nothing more than that.” He then joked: “Definitely, 100% by December, I’ll be able to tell you.” – the Williams team principal concluded.

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