Ferrari may bring two managers (Team Principal and Technical Director) to replace Mattia Binotto


The announcement that officially marked the separation between Scuderia Ferrari and Mattia Binotto has kicked off the search for a successor.

The most popular names have been alternating in the media for weeks, but we will have to wait a few more weeks to find out for sure who will be at the helm of the Scuderia starting from 1 January 2023.

However, there is another aspect that has held sway in the last few hours, and it is the one linked to the repercussions that the removal of Mattia Binotto will have.

When the Italian manager took over the reins of the team in 2019, a replacement was not promoted in what was his previous position, namely that of Technical Director.

The role in the last four seasons has in fact been covered by Mattia Binotto himself, who has delegated some responsibilities while maintaining supervision in a sector that has seen him personally involved for many years. An atypical situation when compared to that of other teams, but made possible by the professional career of Mattia Binotto, in fact an engineer who grew up in the engine department and then rose to the helm of technical management after the departure of James Allison in 2016.

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If Mattia Binotto’s replacement is someone with a similar curriculum, the activity in Maranello could continue with the current organizational chart, but there don’t seem to be any potential team principals on the market with experience in technical management.

It is also for this reason that in the official communication which was issues on Friday morning from the Ferrari top management it is underlined that Mattia Binotto‘s successor will be announced in a few weeks.

Time is needed not only to identify and finalize the negotiation with the new team principal, but also to review the technical structure, according to Motorsport Italy.

There are those who hypothesize the arrival of a new figure from outside, but it is a complicated scenario since the technical managers are subject to long periods of gardening leave that are not compatible with the very tight deadlines linked to the planning of the 2023 Formula One season.

An internal solution appears the most probable, but it will require some time for the assignment of various responsibilities. This is a crucial step in view of a 2023 Formula 1 season that is now knocking at the door, and a move which may prove to be even more difficult than the search for a replacement at the top of the Ferrari Racing Division.

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