Ferrari SF-23: flat beam wing seen at Silverstone returns for Suzuka weekend | 2023 Japan GP

After Carlos Sainz’s unexpected victory in Singapore, Scuderia Ferrari is back on the track at Suzuka, on a circuit that requires a medium-downforce setup. In Japan, the SF-23 sports a spoon-shaped rear wing, combined with a very low-profile beam wing, featuring the same flat second element seen at Silverstone.

At Suzuka, Ferrari is adopting a medium-downforce aerodynamic configuration, revisiting certain concepts like the beam wing, which we previously saw at Silverstone during the 2023 Formula 1 British Grand Prix. The Maranello-based team is aiming for a third positive performance after Monza and the Singapore Grand Prix last weekend.

At the Temple of Speed, the red car excelled thanks to its maximum efficiency setup, while in Marina Bay, it clinched victory with a high-downforce configuration. Now, in Japan, Ferrari must confirm that it can achieve a positive result even on the fast corners of the figure-eight-shaped track.

In the rear section of the SF-23, it’s noteworthy that the second element of the beam wing is not a continuation of the lower one; instead, it’s a flat profile designed to reduce drag, following a development trend introduced by Alpine last year and subsequently adopted by many other single-seaters.

It appears that Scuderia Ferrari hasn’t introduced any significant new updates, continuing its meticulous fine-tuning work, which is finally yielding positive results after a disappointing start to the season in terms of both performance and results.

The Suzuka race becomes crucial: a strong performance by the red car would confirm the positive direction the team has taken since the Zandvoort race. The introduction of a new hybrid management system that has made the Ferrari less abrupt in its reactions has contributed to making the SF-23 single-seater easier to fine-tune and less unpredictable in its responses.

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