Assetto Corsa: disponibile la Formula Alpha 2023 (v1.1) by Virtual Racing Cars

Il modding team Virtual Racing Cars ha rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la nuova versione aggiornata 1.1 della sua nuova monoposto denominata Formula Alpha 2023. Dietro il nome di fantasia, si cela una generica monoposto di Formula 1 dell'attuale stagione.


We've been able to add multiplayer compatibility to the CSP Version of the car! You can download the update by accessing your original purchase confirmation

V1.1 (2023/09/03)


Added online/multiplayer compatibility to the CSP Version of the car.

Added 2 "Quick Switch" button binds which allows for simultaneous cockpit settings changes to occur at a single button press.

Added SOC button binds which allows for on the fly Deployment Target MJ adjustment.

Added Charge button bind which allows for on the fly Strat Priority adjustment.

Added "Engine Fail" warning when the car's engine life drops below 0.

Added low and no fuel warnings.

Added Tyre Temp Style option to select which tire temp reading is used for the display: Core, Carcass, or Practical.

Added plank wear.

Added crank down sounds when turning off Ignition.

Added turbo spool down sounds when car suddenly stalls after excessive driving.

Added rear axle locking sounds.

Added suspension damage sounds.


Fixed AI tire textures and shaders becoming lighter than intended.

Fixed DRS lights flashing at rev limiter.

Fixed some stability issues with Extended Controls. (CSP 1.80 previews still cause some crashes)

Fixed auto clutch users getting antistall message stuck on the display.

Fixed AI rolling backwards after session restart.

Fixed engine stalling during pitstops.

Fixed LEDs not turning to "off" state if the ignition is killed.

Fixed displays being off in replays.

Fixed general display font sizes, number caps, and spacing.

Fixed brake bias fine adjustment popup not appearing upon making a change.


Improved torque maps shapes in order to have smoother power peaks (check the updated graphic on the car manual).

Smoothened the transitions between differential states.

Lua: Improved differential logic, use higher DIFF HISPD speeds (250kph+).

Minor tweaks to the mechanical and aerodynamic grip (front to rear balance, overall performance should be identical to 1.0).

Slightly increased MDF and LDF kits drag values.

Limited turbo boosting time in "Delivery" mode when the Kers override button is used, ers boosting remains the same.

Increased plank scratching volume.

Tweaked internal gear shifts.

Corrected transmission samples on the Vanilla version.

Improved engine behavior on downshifts.

Front right suspension animation tweaked.

LOD B & C rear light visibility improved.

Removed vanilla KERS Override and replaced it with custom KERS Override functionality that is activated with the Extra B button binding("Starter").

Improved antistall behavior to be more realistic.

Changed halo invisibility option to only be invisible while in cockpit cam and never in replays.

Ignition Off state now requires a 1.5 second hold, turning the ignition on is still a single button press.

Improved tire and brake temperature color lerping.

Decreased tire wear required to remove new tire shine.

La vettura può essere acquistata direttamente dallo shop VRC per 4,99 dollari. Di seguito il classico promo trailer ed alcuni spettacolari screens di anteprima.