Assetto Corsa: disponibile la Formula Alpha 2023 (v1.2) by Virtual Racing Cars

Il modding team Virtual Racing Cars ha rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la nuova versione aggiornata 1.2 della sua nuova monoposto denominata Formula Alpha 2023. Dietro il nome di fantasia, si cela una generica monoposto di Formula 1 dell'attuale stagione.


The Formula Alpha 2023 has been upgraded once more. Please make a new installation of the car and remove the car(s) folders and extended controls app. Delete any car setups you've prepared for V1.0 and V1.1 as well. They will cause problems with the latest version. Download the update by accessing your original purchase confirmation.

V1.2 (2023/09/16)


  • Added decals on the outer side of the halo as well as mirrors and cockpit area.
  • Added gear syncing feature
  • Added extra display popups
  • Added mirror dirt accumulation after a certain distance driven
  • Added tire wear config to
  • Added ability to kill the engine manually


  • Fixed rear lights flashing behavior
  • Fixed online clients being able to see rear lights
  • Fixed quick switch message popup when brake bias is changed
  • Fixed disabling pages in setup menu
  • Fixed tire sidewalls being off colored with certain ppfilters
  • Fixed brake magic not working due to brake bias maximum being too low
  • Fixed user flag popping up displays for AI
  • Fixed displays and LEDs showing up in saved replays
  • Fixed EB not reverting to original value after disabling quick switches
  • Fixed driver shadow causing driver model to be too dark during night time


  • Changed brake bias behavior
  • Quick Switches default values updated; QS1 will stabilize the car and QS2 will make it looser by default. This behavior can be modified at theplayer's discretion.
  • Removed "Ultimate power" mode when boosting with the Kers override button.
  • Must hold Extra B button while in neutral gear
  • Vanilla brake bias binding is obsolete. New 'Brake Bias Coarse' binding is required to change brake bias in large steps
  • Changed tread for full wet tyres
  • Changed anti-stall timer to 10 seconds

La vettura può essere acquistata direttamente dallo shop VRC per 4,99 dollari. Di seguito il classico promo trailer ed alcuni spettacolari screens di anteprima.