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news from Wednesday, October 16, 2019

- “Back in 1986 my father bought a shiny orange Alfa Romeo Montreal. I remember the night he came home with this quite irregular V8. He was reversing into the garage. The smoke was surrounding and the first things I saw were red taillights and chromed mufflers. As a young boy I can recall it as the beginning for my growing love towards the whole automotive world.”...

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- Weird news, this. Honda has released a shadowy teaser image to preview its new Jazz. Strange, since most of the target audience already struggle with their eyesight. They’ll barely see this.Well, we can report it’s a car. There’s a bonnet, wheels and a high roofline to avoid disturbing fresh perms. Usual Jazz stuff. The headline is this one’s going to be one of those new 'hybrids' they hav...

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- Is this a game of ‘when’s a hot hatch not a hot hatch’?Pretty much. This is a Ford Focus ST, but it’s not a hatch, for a start. It’s the Estate. It’s also the diesel ST. And no, there’s no ‘STD’ badge, so stop yer sniggering. In fact, there’s absolutely no visual clues to separate the petrol and diesel ST wagons. Both get twin tailpipes, identical bodykits, and the same 19-inc...

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