7 pace cars NASCAR should absolutely use for the 2023 Chicago street race


Chicago is getting a NASCAR street race through Grant Park in 2023. Actually, the city is getting a three-year deal with NASCAR, so these races may become the norm, but the inaugural event is set for next July. It’s likely to turn into a logistical nightmare that racks up the most noise complaints the city has ever seen, but it will also no doubt serve as one of the more visually stunning contests the sport will ever hold. The backdrop of the Museum Campus, Lake Michigan and the city skyline have been protected at all costs in Chicago. Now that scenery gets put to use on a national broadcast once more. While NASCAR is probably only considering using pace cars from Ford, Chevy and Toyota—as is typically the case with its three manufacturers—there are so many better options that exist for the Windy City race. Specifically, these options: