2022 RED BUD NATIONAL PRE-RACE REPORT: TV SCHEDULE, INJURED LIST & MORE We’re headed to the most American round of the 2022 circuit and one of our personal favorites, Red Buuuuuudddddddd! Located in Buchanan, Michigan, Red Bud is known to take place near or on 4th of July weekend, leading to fans wearing red, white, and blue and screaming at the top of their lungs as the gate drops. But this won’t be the only time we’ll see Red Bud this year as the track will also host Motocross de Nations later this year. We’re excited to witness some awesome battles once again as the premier class continues to offer exciting engagements while the 250 class is dominated by the two Australian brothers. 2022 REDBUD NATIONAL | FULL COVERAGE HOW TO WATCH PRO MOTOCROSS 2022 You may have watched Supercross on Peacock in the past, but get ready to pull out your wallet again to watch the 2022 Motocross Nationals. With NBC Sports going away for 2022, the AMA Nationals have moved to MAVTV and MAVTV-Plus. So if you’re TV Provider does not have MAVTV, you will have to purchase MAVTV Plus which you can do so HERE. A list of the network providers can be found HERE. MAVTV Plus will provide worldwide LIVE streaming coverage for the 2022 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship events for a subscription fee of $6.99 USD Monthly or $99 USD Annually. For streaming and mobile viewers, subscribers to MAVTV Plus will receive live coverage of the motos that air on MAVTV. MAVTV Plus will also feature exclusive content for subscribers, including qualifying shows every race day to see which rider will emerge with pole position and first gate pick. On demand access to coverage from the entire 2022 season will also be available for fans who want to rewatch the action or wait to watch the drama unfold for the first time at their convenience. Red Bud National: Qualifying – 7:00 AM (pacific) – Only on MAVTV PLUS Red Bud National: 450 Moto 1 – 10:00 AM (pacific) – MAVTV & MAVTV PLUS Red Bud National: 250 Moto 1 – 11:00 AM (pacific) – MAVTV & MAVTV PLUS Red Bud National: 450 Moto 2 – 12:00 PM (pacific) – NBC Red Bud National: 250 Moto 2 – 1:00 PM (pacific) – MAVTV & MAVTV PLUS Red Bud National: 250 Moto 2 – 2:00 PM (pacific) – MAVTV & MAVTV PLUS (DELAYED) 50 YEARS OF AMA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP MOTOCROSS “With the landmark 50th anniversary rapidly approaching, MX Sports Pro Racing has announced a unique and exciting addition to its historic broadcast package for the 2022 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing. A collection of American motocross all-stars will join host and lead commentator Jason Weigandt in the announcers booth during the live broadcasts of all 48 motos this summer on MAVTV Motorsports Network and NBC TV Network, with streaming on MAVTV Plus.” Featured guests commentators include: Ricky Carmichael: 10-time Pro Motocross Champion with 102 career wins Broc Glover: 6-time Pro Motocross Champion with 35 career wins Rick Johnson: 5-time Pro Motocross Champion with 33 career wins Ryan Villopoto: 5-time Pro Motocross Champion with 31 career wins James Stewart: 3-time Pro Motocross Champion with 48 career wins Jeff Emig: 3-time Pro Motocross Champion with 29 career wins David Bailey: 3-time Pro Motocross Champion with 18 career wins Jeremy McGrath: 450cc/250cc Pro Motocross Champion with 17 career wins Adam Cianciarulo: 250 Class Pro Motocross Champion with 9 career wins Damon Bradshaw: 10 career Pro Motocross wins WHO’S WHO AND WHO’S NEW (PLUS INJURY REPORT) Below is a list of some of the Factory and Privateer teams with who’s in and who’s out for Red Bud. 450 CLASS HONDA HRC KEN ROCZEN  CHASE SEXTON (placed second at High Point) STAR RACING YAMAHA DYLAN FERRANDIS (The defending Champion injured his thumb on Tuesday before Pala, will miss the beginning of the season) ELI TOMAC (Won at High Point) CHRISTIAN CRAIG (Current 250 West Supercross champ has moved up permanently to the 450 class) MONSTER ENERGY KAWASAKI JASON ANDERSON (Placed third at High Point) JOEY SAVTAGY (Recovering from injury but has returned to racing) ADAM CIANCIARULO (Injured: taking the summer off to heal from his shoulder injury) REDBULL KTM RYAN DUNGEY (Returned after a 5-year hiatus) AARON PLESSINGER (Recovered from his 2022 Supercross injuries) TONY CAIROLI (Out for now with a knee injury) COOPER WEBB (Out for 2022 Outdoor season to heal multiple injuries) MARVIN MUSQUIN (Not racing this summer, had a Supercross-only contract) ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA SHANE MCELRATH (Currently filling in for Dean Wilson for at least 5 rounds and will continue to ride if Dean does not come back) MALCOLM STEWART (Plans on missing the first half of the season due to an injury sustained at St. Louis Supercross) DEAN WILSON (For now, Dean will be missing the first five rounds to continue and heal from his injury he sustained in the 2022 Supercross season) TROY LEE DESIGNS / REDBULL / GASGAS JUSTIN BARCIA  MUC-OFF / FXR / CLUBMX YAMAHA GARRETT MARCHBANKS (This will be both Garrett and Alex’s first year in the 450 National class) ALEX MARTIN PHIL NICOLETTI (Sustained an injury in Supercross but will be back on the 450 if he returns this summer) TWISTED TEA / HEP SUZUKI BRANDON HARTRANFT JUSTIN BOGLE TEAM BBMX KTM (Previously known as Rocky Mountain KTM) FREDDIE NOREN (Injured and will miss Red Bud) BENNY BLOSS (Rode for Team Tedder KTM in Supercross, but Team Tedder doesn’t race outdoor motocross) FIREPOWER HONDA  MAX ANSTIE (Max will debut his new ride with this privateer Honda team at Red Bud this Saturday) 250 CLASS HONDA HRC JETT LAWRENCE (Current 250 title holder in both Motocross and Supercross) HUNTER LAWRENCE (Finished second in the 2022 Supercross season) STAR RACING YAMAHA JUSTIN COOPER COLT NICHOLS (Returning from injury, isn’t racing yet) LEVI KITCHEN NATE THRASHER MATT LEBLANC NICK ROMANO Sadly, Cameron McAdoo was injured on the first lap of 250 Moto 1 at Pala.  MONSTER ENERGY PRO CIRCUIT KAWASAKI JO SHIMODA (Jo was the only one on the team to remain healthy during the 2022 Supercross season) CAMERON MCADOO (Injured: broken sternum, bleeding lungs) AUSTIN FORKNER (Injured: Austin raced Pala, but now will undergo shoulder surgery, most likely will miss the summer) SETH HAMMAKER (is back to racing again) JETT REYNOLDS (We are not sure when Jett will join the Pro Motocross season as a Pro but he has been training) RYDER DIFRANCESCO (Will be doing two rounds starting at Red Bud and then plans to go back to amateur racing at Loretta’s) Instagram will load in the frontend. REDBULL KTM MAX VOHLAND Instagram will load in the frontend. ROCKSTAR ENERGY HUSQVARNA RJ HAMPSHIRE (R.J. crashed at Hangtown and was skewered by a stake off the side of the track! Yikes! Thankfully R.J has made a quick recovery.) STILEZ ROBERTSON  JALEK SWOLL TROY LEE DESINGS / REDBULL / GASGAS MICHAEL MOSIMAN (Michael was third in the 250 third in the 250 West Supercross series) PIERCE BROWN (Pierce was third in the 250 East Supercross series) BARX CHAPARALL SUZUKI DEREK DRAKE DILAN SCHWARTZ (Injured: recovering from broken wrist) CARSON MUMFORD (Injured: recovering from broken foot) MUC-OFF / FXR / CLUBMX YAMAHA ENZO LOPES (re-joining the team after recovering from injury) JEREMY MARTIN (Jeremy will be joining the ClubMX roster for 2023 alongside his brother Alex, however he plans on sitting out for the remainder of 2022) BRANDON SCHARER (Injured: compression fracture in his back from crashing at Pala) 2022 PRO MOTOCROSS OVERALL POINT STANDINGS  450 CLASS POINT STANDINGS (AFTER ROUND 4 OF 12) The points are ridiculously close with Chase Sexton hanging on to the lead with a 4-point gap. POS. # NAME Total Points 1 23 Chase Sexton 181 2 3 Eli Tomac 167 3 94 Ken Roczen 163 4 21 Jason Anderson 147 5 5 Ryan Dungey 122 6 28 Christian Craig 120 7 51 Justin Barcia 106 8 7 Aaron Plessinger 90 9 222 Antonio Cairoli 89 10 35 Garrett Marchbanks 86 11 12 Shane McElrath 85 12 17 Joseph Savatgy 76 13 26 Alex Martin 55 14 41 Brandon Hartranft 46 15 73 Benny Bloss 41 16 285 Marshal Weltin 40 17 61 Fredrik Noren 35 18 55 Justin Rodbell 21 19 323 Josh Gilbert 20 20 129 Henry Miller 17 21 58 Ryan Surratt 11 22 577 Felix Lopez 8 23 65 Grant Harlan 8 24 93 Tyler Stepek 7 25 97 Jerry Robin 6 26 82 Chris Canning 5 27 837 Bryson Gardner 5 28 711 Tristan Lane 4 29 437 Vincent Luhovey 3 30 84 Scott Meshey 2 31 19 Justin Bogle 2 250 CLASS POINT STANDINGS (AFTER ROUND 4 OF 12) Jett Lawrence has won four races in a row, but his brother is only 12 points back in second place, with Jo Shimoda in third. POS. # NAME Total Points 1 1 Jett Lawrence 186 2 96 Hunter Lawrence 174 3 30 Jo Shimoda 137 4 32 Justin Cooper 133 5 29 Michael Mosiman 115 6 59 Levi Kitchen 115 7 47 Seth Hammaker 110 8 50 Stilez Robertson 94 9 36 Maximus Vohland 90 10 44 Pierce Brown 80 11 411 Nicholas Romano 70 12 24 RJ Hampshire 65 13 49 Nathanael Thrasher 62 14 329 Matthew Leblanc 55 15 74 Derek Kelley 54 16 38 Joshua Varize 48 17 533 Josiah Natzke 45 18 33 Austin Forkner 30 19 331 Derek Drake 30 20 31 Jalek Swoll 12 21 101 Dylan Walsh 12 22 194 Lance Kobusch 12 23 995 Christopher Prebula 8 24 243 Hardy Munoz 7 25 388 Brandon Ray 7 26 68 Preston Kilroy 5 27 604 Max Miller 5 28 444 Romain Pape 4 29 192 Jack Chambers 3 2022 REDBUD NATIONAL | FULL COVERAGE The post 2022 RED BUD NATIONAL PRE-RACE REPORT: TV SCHEDULE, INJURED LIST & MORE appeared first on Motocross Action Magazine.