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Max Verstappen celebrates as Lewis Hamilton laments 'disastrous' German Grand Prix

- Red Bull's Max Verstappen won a wet and crazily chaotic German Grand Prix littered with crashes and safety car periods on Sunday with Mercedes' Formula One leader Lewis Hamilton finishing out of the points in 11th place. In an extraordinary race of constantly changing fortunes, multiple pitstops and endless drama, Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel started last on the grid but finished second in front of ...

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Lewis Hamilton Vs Sebastian Vettel - Ending The Debate Once And For All

- Welcome to a very special video where today guys I am going to give my verdict on just who is better out of, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. First off we will take a look at both Vettel & Lewis's pure pace and driving skill and how they compare in racing situations. Then I will look at the respective Ferrari & Mercedes drivers when it comes to their mentality. But who in my opinion is the bet...

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- Os números não mentem, e não há dúvida de que Lewis Hamilton é um dos melhores, senão o melhor piloto de F1 da história. Lewis conquistou vários terrenos em muitos países e atualmente está competindo pela equipe de Fórmula 1 da Mercedes-AMG Motorsport. Bem, o sucesso de sua carreira também fez com que a maioria das pessoas perguntasse sobre seu patrimônio líquido, sua coleção de c...

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