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- In the last few laps of the race I noticed Maverick Viñales was slowly creeping into the background after each lap. Here with five laps to go Márquez is leading ahead of Rins and Viñales with the crowd in the background, waiting for the fight to begin. It was a hard race to judge as it progressed, but I thought that in the last sector was where the action would be. I just happened to be a few c...

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- A fractured T6 and T8 vertebrae, two months off the bike and it's safe to say that you could feel the anticipation around the return of Jorge Lorenzo. My favourite photo from Silverstone was this one from FP1 where there was a palpable air of tension around his first foray onto the track. As Jorge leaves the garage, you can see the media lined up to capture the moment and I tried to incorporate ...

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