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Racer X Films: 2004 Kawasaki KX250 Two-Stroke Motocross Garage Build Project Bike

- Build by Michael FischerVideo by Simon CudbyThis 2004 KX250 project was started back in early 2014. Michael's buddy was selling it and, although it needed a bunch of work, it seemed like something fun to do and Michael really wanted a cool two-stroke. With the help of Jay Clark, they went through the bike and figured out what needed to be done to freshen it up. It turns out, it needed just about...

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Essai Kawasaki Z650 (2020) (A2)

- Essai Kawasaki Z650 L'équilibre Twin parallèle Euro5, 649 cm3, 68 ch et 64 Nm, 188 kg pleins faits, compatible A2 Prix de lancement : 7099€ (jusqu'au 31 ......

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