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Actualités du vendredi 10 mai 2019

Actualités du samedi 4 mai 2019

Lotus Elise 360° Review | Car S.O.S.

- Join Tim and Fuzz in this special 360 VR test drive of the classic car, the Lotus Elise. #CarSOS➤ Subscribe ➤ one cherished car that has seen better days, add an owner in need of a helping hand. Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw secretly whisk the wheels away to a well equipped workshop before surprising the unsuspecting owner with their newly restored classic.Follow us on ...

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Actualités du mercredi 3 avril 2019

【360度 VR試乗】ロータス エリーゼ スポーツ サーキット全開走行

- ロータスの名車『エスプリ』に冠されていた「スポーツ」の称号を受継ぐモデルとして刷新された『エリーゼ』。10kgの軽量化が施され「より機能性重視」に生まれ変わったという新型をレーサー/モータージャーナリストの桂伸一氏が試乗。いま話題の「VR試乗動画」としてお届けする。ライトウェ...

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Lotus Elise 111R - Supercharged

- I had a "Katana" supercharger kit fitted to my 2005 Elise 111R. It added around 40 bhp and 30 ft lb of torque over a good rev range. The 2nd cam "kick" at 6200 rpm has gone as the change point is now around 4500 rpm. The improvement feels much greater than the before and after video would suggest. I also had a TRD filter kit fitted and the brakes upgraded. The Larini exhaust was already fitted....

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