Assetto Corsa: disponibile la Formula Alpha 2023 by Virtual Racing Cars

Il modding team Virtual Racing Cars ha rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la prima versione della sua nuova monoposto denominata Formula Alpha 2023. Dietro il nome di fantasia, si cela una generica monoposto di Formula 1 dell'attuale stagione. Quote To function, the Formula Alpha 2023 requires Content Manager (CM) and Custom Shader Patch 0.1.79 (or above). CSP 1.80p346 modifies the car physics in an unintended way. CSP 0.1.79 is the most representative of how the car was intended to handle. In Content Manager please assign a button to "extra A" in order to start the ignition of the car. The "KERS" Button is going to fire up the engine. As a continuation of the VRC tradition, and as with the FA22 project, we once again tried to develop and push the limits over the game's capability, with the help of CSP. This car boasts a 1000bhp engine, with 160bhp coming from an electric motor, a 722kg car weight, and plenty of downforce. It includes an upgraded ERS management system, a more realistic engine/differential simulation, and other features. This vehicle makes extensive use of the extended physics features and requires Content Manager (CM) and Custom Shader Patch 0.1.79 (or above) to function properly. Special thanks to schmawlik for making all these additional features possible! Vanilla physics will also be given; while they may have limitations in some situations (altitude changes, for example), we wanted to ensure that people who choose not to board the CSP ship can still drive Formula Alpha 2023. La vettura può essere acquistata direttamente dallo shop VRC per 4,99 dollari. Di seguito il classico promo trailer ed alcuni spettacolari screens di anteprima.