Carlos Sainz opens up on Spain’s chances’ at football World Cup in Qatar

Scuderia Ferrari Spanish driver Carlos Sainz confirmed that he ‘likes Spain’s chances’ at the FIFA football World Cup which is taking place in Qatar. The Spanish national team, who has won the 2010 edition of the football event held every four years, started this year’s World Cup in a positive way, with an amazing seven-goal win against Costa Rica.

The Ferrari man, who is well-known for being a football fan and particularly an avid Real Madrid fan, shared his thoughts on the Spanish national team’s prospects ahead of the tournament’s commencement.

“I think we have good chances because Spain always, since we won the World Cup back in 2010, I think we’ve always played well. We are very loyal to our way of playing and always tried to play good football. I think we have a great amount of young talent in the team. Will this be enough to win the World Cup? I have no idea. Because then it depends on that month, how the players are feeling. But I like our chances and I will be supporting Spain as much as I can.” – Carlos Sainz explained.

Given his loyalty to Real Madrid, the Spaniard also has to take into consideration allegiances with Real Madrid players Rodrygo and Vinicius Jr, who are part of a Brazilian team that many feel have the best chance of winning the controversial competition in Qatar:

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“Two great players that have done a lot for Real Madrid in the last couple of years. I text Vini now and then. We’re on Instagram, and he’s become a fan of Formula 1 and I’m a big fan of Real Madrid. I think they’re going to be strong in the national team for Brazil, though maybe I don’t want them to be so strong because it will make life very difficult for Spain. But they are two great players: super young, with all the life ahead of them. So I wish them the best and keep being so good, especially for Real Madrid.” – Scuderia Ferrari Spanish driver Carlos Sainz concluded.

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