FIA Directive, Leo Turrini hopes: "Last year Binotto spoke of no effects, we know how that went…"

“Now Ferrari has two captains,” Leo Turrini titles his latest piece published on Profondo Rosso, his blog on . An article in which the journalist delves into the upcoming event in Japan and the triumphant events of the Maranello team in Singapore. He also touches on the topic of the new directive that seems to have made Red Bull less ‘alien.’ Here is an excerpt from his thoughts.

Leo Turrini’s Analysis: “Now Ferrari has two captains. And regarding Red Bull…”

“Since Carlos Sainz crossed the finish line in Singapore, I have been overwhelmed by a wave of affection. It almost seems like I won the Grand Prix! In general, this is the Great Beauty of Ferrari. The emotional involvement of so many is such that a victory is all it takes to reignite the flames of enthusiasm,” Turrini begins.

He then moves on to the drivers of the Scuderia: “Now Ferrari has two Samurai. Two captains. Period. I am a Leclerc supporter, but Carlos Sainz has proven with deeds that he cannot be considered inferior. It will be up to the ever-jovial Fred Vasseur, as long as he occupies the role of head of the racing department, to manage the two Samurai, the two Captains. Hoping to have the two Carloses on two consistently competitive Reds.”

Finally, the journalist comments on Red Bull’s lackluster performance in Marina Bay, which many attribute to the new directive on front wings issued by the FIA (read our focus here). “Approximately a year ago, the late Mattia Binotto claimed, with a touch of humor, that Directive 39 would have zero effect on Ferrari’s performance, to the extent that they could aim to win all the remaining races on the calendar. You know how it went. Suzuka will tell us something about the consequences that the recent directives may have had on the Red Bull Empire,” Leo Turrini concludes.

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