Tesla Model 3 Long Range orders paused in the US, Australia unaffected

Tesla has removed the Model 3 Long Range from the order pages of its North American websites until the beginning of 2023, as CEO Elon Musk claims the electric car’s waiting list is too long.

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range has been removed from the electric-car giant’s US and Canadian websites, with prospective buyers to order the variant until 2023.

While the Model 3 Long Range is still shown on Tesla’s online configurator in the US and Canada, the variant is greyed-out with a note claiming it will be “Available in 2023”.

In a post on social media platform Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said a long waiting list for the Long Range has led to the suspension of orders, although the variant will return when production can meet demand.

With orders for the $US55,990 ($AU79,950) Tesla Model 3 Long Range temporarily suspended in North America, the company’s electric sedan line-up has for the time being been streamlined to the $US46,990 ($AU67,100) base Tesla Model 3 and $US62,990 ($AU89,950) Tesla Model 3 Performance grades.

Tesla’s US website estimates delivery waiting times of between two to three months for the two available Model 3 variants.

Alternatively, US Tesla customers can still place an order for the $US65,990 ($AU94,200) Model Y Long Range electric SUV, which is based on the same platform as the Model 3 Long Range.

Tesla Model Y deliveries in North America are expected to take between five to eight months, depending on which grade is ordered.

While US and Canadian-delivered Tesla electric cars are built at the company’s factory in Fremont, California, Australian examples are produced in Shanghai, China.

The Model 3 Long Range is still available to order on Tesla’s Australian website, starting from $80,000 plus on-road costs. 

The Model 3 and Model 3 Performance variants are also available for Australian customers, priced from $65,500 and $91,600 plus on-road costs, respectively.

Tesla charges a $350 order fee for all vehicles sold in Australia – a cost which is not taken off the price of the car.

Australian Tesla customers have faced long delays this year after COVID-19 lockdowns in China forced Tesla production in March and April.

However, Drive has reported five shipments of Tesla’s electric vehicles have arrived in Australia in the last fortnight, putting the car maker on track to place inside Australia’s Top 10 selling brands for the first time.

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